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Product Name :MX-KQ24D


Ali3329 chipset+AV2020 Tuner Plastic case(220x170x40mm) AV Output TV SCART RF Output
MAX-2000 TV AND Radio Channels
950-2150MHz IF range
SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites
Fully MPEG 2/ DVB compliant
Variable TV -Screen format ratio conversion (16: 9, 4: 3)
Auto resolution conversion for NTSC/PAL
1 LNB input, IF loop through for 2 receivers
Variable input symbol rate 2-40Mspc
Auto satelitte searching
Manual PID scan
Picture in graphics function
EPG function
Favorite channel selection/parental lock
Auto NTSC/PAL switching
RS 232 downloading, receiver to receiver, PC to receiver
12/18V LNB switch/ DiSEqC version: 1.2 , 22KHz on/off
1*Scart, 3 RCA(1 video, 2 audio L/R)
PLL RF modulator, UHF CH.21-69(NTSC, PAL G/I/K)
Input power: 90-240V, 50-60Hz, Max.15W
Solution 1: On Board Tuner + 3*RCA + 1*RF + 1*TV Scart + 1* RS232 + Power on/off
Solution 2: On Board Tuner + 3*RCA + 1*RF + 1* RS232 + Power on/off
Solution 3 :On Board Tuner + 1*RF + 1*TV Scart + 1* RS232 + Power on/off
Solution 4: On Board Tuner + 3*RCA + Power on/off
Solution 5: On Board Tuner + 1*TV Scart + Power on/off
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